Rider alerts/ detours

OR Orange

7/9/2024- from Ozmun left on 24th street, Left on 23rd, Right on Lindy, Left on 24th, Left on Williams, Back on route

G1 Green Counter

7/8/2024- 11/Ferris, make a left on 11th , right on Euclid, Right on 12, left on Ferris, back on route

G1 Green Counter

Update 7/9/2024-  Due to road construction:

Left on 23rd , Left on Williams, Left on 26th Right on Lincoln, Back on route

G2 Green Clockwise

Update 7/9/2024-  Due to road construction: 

 Left on 26thRight on Williams, Right on 23rd, Right on Cheyenne, Back on route


Y1 Yellow West

7- Does not turn down Euclid from gore blvd. Stay on Gore westbound and turn right on 67th back on route

G1 Green Counter

6/4/2024 –  Due to road construction: left at 46th and Lindy, right on Pollard to 52nd back on route 

G2 Green Clock

6/4/2024 – off 52nd turn Right on Ozmun Ave , right at 46th and left onto Lindy back on route

Air Quality today is GREEN

The City of Lawton will receive funding to replace several aging diesel buses with diesel-electric hybrid buses. For more info click here

Review the Lawton Area Transit System Master Plan 

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