APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND CHECKS HTG – LAWTON MANAGEMENT LLC will conduct a full background check on all candidates for employment. PLEASE COMPLETE AND SIGN THE SEPARATE NOTIFICATION FORM DRUG SCREENING HTG – LAWTON MANAGEMENT LLC is committed to maintaining a DRUG-FREE workplace. All offers of employment are contingent upon successful completion of a pre-employment drug screen. PLEASE COMPLETE AND SIGN THE SEPARATE NOTIFICATION FORM Thank you for considering applying for a position with HTG – LAWTON MANAGEMENT LLC (LATS). We appreciate the time you are giving to complete this application form. It is important that you fully and accurately complete this form yourself and indicate the position(s) for which you wish to be considered. Please be very careful completing this application. We use a sophisticated and detailed background and employment screening process in which will disclose inaccurate, false, and/or incomplete or omitted information. This application will remain on file for 180 days from the date herein whereupon you should resubmit a new application if you are interested in a position with HTG – LAWTON MANAGEMENT LLC.

Please follow the multi step application process below:

Only after completing the first 3 steps continue Application process by clicking below on ‘click here’:

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