LATS is the public transportation system serving the City of Lawton, Oklahoma. LATS has been serving the residents of Lawton for over eighteen (18) years providing fixed route and para-transit service during those years. LATS is governed by the Trust, a body composed of the elected council members for Lawton. LATS has been managed on behalf of the Trust by HTG (Hendrickson Transportation Group). The buses move in clock-wise and counter clock-wise direction along with the routes with a fifteen minute separation between the directions of movement. LATS also operates a shuttle service to the Fort Sill Artillery Base. LATS operates a fixed route bus system five (6) days a week we are closed on Sundays.       

Closed on Major Holidays:         

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Juneteeth June 19th

July 4th

Labor Day


Christmas Day

We operate Monday through Saturday. M-F 6am to 7pm. Sat 9am to 6pm.  No clockwise routes on Saturday. We operate 9 routes.



  • 1. For the comfort of our passengers, eating and drinking are allowed. Drinks must have a lid. Your bus fare and tax dollars pay for and maintain LATS’ fleet and passenger amenities. Please help us keep the buses clean.
  • 2. You need to be on the correct side of the street for the bus to stop. The bus will not wait for customers to cross the roadway.
  • 3. Keep the seats next to you clear of your belongings so other passengers can have a seat. Stow boxes and parcels under your seat. Keep the aisles clear.
  • 4. If you have to stand, please hold onto the hand rails or seat backs.
  • 5. For your safety, do not stand in the ramp area or in front of the yellow line by the fare box.
  • 6. You must use ear/headphones when listening to any music playing devices. This includes but is not limited to; tablets, cellphones or MP3 players.
  • 7. Profanity, vulgar language and disorderly conduct are not allowed.
  • 8. Tobacco/ Vapor products in LATS buses or vehicles are strictly prohibited.
  • 9. ONLY Service animals are welcome.
  • 10. Allow others to exit before boarding.
  • 11. Deposit your fare directly into the fare box. Operators are not allowed to handle fares and will not make change.
  • 12. Drivers cannot stop in construction zones. If the construction cones are in front of the bus stop please move to the outside of the cone were the bus can safely load you.
  • 13. We accommodate oxygen respirators, concentrators and portable oxygen on all revenue service vehicles including our facilities. 

Air Quality today is GREEN

The City of Lawton will receive funding to replace several aging diesel buses with diesel-electric hybrid buses. For more info click here

Review the Lawton Area Transit System Master Plan 

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